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Patrick Hall is a clay artist originally from Los Angeles and now living in Santa Barbara, California. At the age of 14, he fell in love with the material and began working in a pottery studio where he began to hone his technical skills. After earning a B.A. in Studio Art/Ceramics and an MFA from UCSB, he established Design Associates, a firm specializing in architecture; interiors; furniture design; custom millwork and building contracting. Throughout his illustrious career in design/build, he never forgot about his first passion, ceramics.


Nearly 30 years later Patrick decided to get back to his roots. Once he felt the clay’s plasticity in his hands, his creativity and artistry once again blossomed. He forged new works and began showing his artwork across the U.S. Since his return to ceramics, numerous private collectors and individuals have been acquiring his art. In addition to his current success, Patrick established Clay Studio in Goleta, California, a ceramic studio where he works, teaches and shares his appreciation for clay with other artists in the community.

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